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Featured Program: Adventures in Art

I am excited to be working with so many amazing artists. In last week’s blog I talked about gaining strength and inspiration in the natural world. Adventures in Art is a vehicle where you can funnel that inspiration and creative energy into a process or product that will bring you closer to your authentic self.

Paddling, hiking, or skiing in the backcountry will put you in touch with muscles you never knew existed (it’s a good thing). It will also open your mind and spirit and allow you to reach deep inside to engage your mind and creative energy.

Adventures in Art is the perfect combination of working with a guide and an artist. I will bring you to amazing, beautiful wild places, and the artists will guide you and give you techniques to explore and give form to your creative self.

Here is an overview of our collaborations:

June 21 Summer Solstice Hike & Pastel Drawing with Rachel Littlefield – 

Join North Star Adventures LLC and Sweet Maple Corner Arts for a Sunrise Hike on the Summer Solstice

Our hiking destination will be Bald Rock located in Lincolnville, ME.  The hike is approximately three miles round-trip. You will be greeted with spectacular views of Penobscot Bay and islands that appear to float on the horizon waiting for the warmth of the sun.

At the summit we will be joined by Artist Rachel Littlefield, from Sweet Maple Corner Arts. She will be guiding us in the use of pastels to create beautiful drawings of the morning sky as the sun makes its first summer appearance.

Coffee, tea and some yummy baked goods will be served at the summit.

Welcome the summer sun from an incredible vantage point and create beautiful pastel drawings to celebrate the occasion.

June 22 – 25   Sea Kayaking & Writing with Stephanie Wade – The Maine coast has been an inspiration for writers and for centuries. The craggy coastline, mist enshrouded lighthouses, seals, lobster boats and buoys will be your backdrop for this 3 night 4 day writing expedition.

August 1 – 4   Lake Paddling & Painting with Rachel Littlefield – Spend four unforgettable days in the Rangeley Lakes Region of western Maine. Known for remote islands, and 4000’ mountains, this is a perfect venue to challenge yourself physically, mentally and creatively. Immerse yourself in the awe inspiring scenery as you open yourself to your creative inspiration and physical challenges.

July 19   Canoeing & Woodworking with Jim MacDonald – The day begins with a canoe exploration in the wetlands of Unity Pond, followed by lunch made from local organic ingredients, the creation of a unique cutting board with artist Jim MacDonald, and a paddle back to our starting point with a champagne toast.

August 5  Hiking & Touch Drawing with Susan Bakaley Marshall and Chris Marshall – Making art is like walking in the forest: we slow down, come back to ourselves, yield to a deeper source of knowing. In this workshop we’ll go walking mindfully on easy to moderate wildland trails of our local land trust through forest and marshland, softening our gaze, opening ourselves to light, pattern, and impressions, welcoming amazement. Then we’ll return to our light-filled studio to do Touch Drawing, a simple yet profound process.

August 13 -16   Documentary Photography & Paddling with Sarah Rice – We will explore the islands, history and people of the Moose head region. Documentary photographer Sarah Rice will guide you through the process of creating the story of this region. We will explore by tandem sea kayak, steamship, foot and snorkeling. Encompassing four modes of travel will allow us to look more deeply at the region and the human and natural forces that created Moosehead.

September 8   Sea Kayaking & Nature Journaling with Cloe Chun – Explore Penobscot Bay and the Holbrook Island area with North Star Adventures and Cloe Chun. Cloe is a co-founder of the Maine Master Naturalist Program. Spend the day in the company of Harbor seals, osprey, guillemots, eiders, loons, and cormorants.  Launching from Brooksville, Maine we will spend the day observing and recording the tranquility of Maine islands and critters that make them their home. Nature journaling allows you to gain a deeper respect and awareness for the beauty and fragility of the earth. It is an opportunity for personal growth and discovery, and connection with the natural world.

October 12 -14   Hiking & Writing with Stephanie Wade –  Experience the Grand Canyon of the East as we explore the Gulf Hagas region of Maine. We will camp on the Pleasant River. After an evening around a bonfire and stargazing you will be rocked to sleep by the gentle rhythm of the river. Autumn is a time of transformation both internally and in the outer world. With inspiration from the natural world you have the opportunity to engage in poetry or prose. To build community, we will share informal writing, develop the ability to listen to each other, and practice asking good questions.

October 19 – 21  Hiking, Paddling & Dance with Shana Bloomstein – This weekend hopes to provide a nourishing and grounding environment for everyone to begin a personal reflective journey into somatic movement, create a simple daily practice incorporating massage, yoga and movement, while being effortlessly inspired and in awe of our natural world. It is through our journeying outside that we hope to feel a peace that will allow integration, processing through creative play and movement and an unfolding into our inner emotional and personal landscapes. This nature-based art retreat is for people who want to explore creativity as a means for self-discovery and reflection. It is a retreat integrating movement and art for self-care and exploration. This is an open and non-judgmental environment to freely explore creative self-expression, self-care rituals, and a peaceful time away to delve deeper into you!


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