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Launch Party: January 27, 2018

North Star Adventures Launch Party

Saturday January 27, 2018

1 – 4PM

Waterfall Arts Belfast, Maine

The North Star, Polaris, sits almost directly above the North Pole.  It is a reliable gauge of North if you find yourself lost on a clear night without a compass. Sometimes we all need to refocus and right our own ship. North Star Adventures is designed to reinvigorate your life, help you chart a new course or recommit to a passion or project, and strengthen your leadership and community building capacity.

The product and culmination of 25 years experience, North Star Adventures brings you outdoor adventure with a new twist. Come and learn about our programs…we have something for all ages and abilities.  Take the challenge and we will bring you to some amazingly beautiful environments.

What we do:

  1. Adventures in Art

  2. Women’s Programs

  3. Leadership Retreats

  4. Certifications

  5. Outdoor Skills

  6. Design your own Adventures

1:00 – Program introduction, meet the team (Inside Waterfall Arts)

2:00 – Outside events (weather permitting)

  1. Snow kitchens

  2. Learn to bake with dutch ovens & fry bakes

  3. S’mores and hot drinks

  4. Ice skating on the public rink

4:00 – Almost full moon snowshoe

North Star Adventures inspires personal growth, self-awareness, creativity and wellness through outdoor experiences.


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