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Staying Found with Map & Compass

In our world of electronics, you may ask why Map & Compass…it is so…primitive! The push of a button on a cell phone, GPS or PLB (personal locator beacon) is easy, convenient, more accurate, universal, no need to add or subtract declination…no need to think!

While the world of electronics makes our lives easier, it does have its limitations. Tree cover, remote location, cost, and battery life, are the most common reasons our devices may fail. A basic base plate compass costs around $15 vs a basic GPS at $100+.

Map & Compass is fun! Learning to interpret contour lines and learn the language of maps allows us the freedom to travel anywhere. You will know where to find water, shelter, and how to find your way back to civilization. You will learn to read the landscape and learn how using techniques, such as finding a fix to help you locate your location. (It’s not as hard as it sounds).

Do you want to remember how to get back to your favorite fishing spot or swimming hole? Do you want to determine the easiest route to your favorite spot for fiddleheads or turkey hunting? Do you want to find that perfect camping spot or remote lake? Are you on a Search & Rescue team or Maine Guide? This one day introduction is designed for beginners and as a refresher for those with experience.

On Saturday April 11th, join North Star Adventures as we explore the world of map and compass. We will begin the day by learning to read maps, their symbols, how to read the contour lines and match the maps to the land in front of us. We will learn how to navigate by compass alone as we make our way to Sandy Stream and back through the thick Maine woods. Finally, after spending time exploring maps and compasses alone we will combine them and learn the basics of plotting a course.


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