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Your Personal First Aid Kit

Every year, during my first aid courses, folks ask me for a list of what to put in a personal first aid kit.  I have compiled a list based on what has worked

well for me over the past 25 years. You may have specific items that work best for you. This is just a guideline.  Over time you will adjust this basic list and add or subtract what works for your specific needs. 

Make sure you carry your first aid supplies in a clearly marked waterproof bag.  Some folks carry them in large Zip Lock bags.  My professional bag is bright orange and clearly marked.

Also, make sure you know how to use everything you are carrying. If you have never heard of a Sam Splint and have no idea how to use one then either take a first aid course or don’t carry it. 

I keep a small notebook and pen in my kit for several reasons. First if an emergency happens I can keep accurate notes on what happened and a timeline of the care that I rendered. This is extremely helpful if you need to contact emergency services. I also can keep track of what I have used so that it becomes easier to restock my kit. Zip ties, parachute cord, and duct tape can get you out of any emergency situation.  With a little ingenuity you can improvise bandages and fix everything from boats to backpacks. 

Have fun, be safe and if you have absolutely no idea how to manage an emergency please take the time to enroll in a first aid course.

First Aid Kit Contents


  1.       1 Sam Splint

  2.       2 pair latex free Gloves

  3.       3” wide ace bandage

  4.       1 roll 2″ transparent medical tape

  5.       2 maxi pads (can be used for bleeding control as well as feminine hygiene)

  6.       1 package Quick Clot gauze

  7.       3 lg.triangular bandages

  8.       4 3″x 3″ gauze pads

  9.       1 roll 2″ roller gauze

  10.       Steri strips or butterfly closures

  11.       Assortment of small and large band aids

Blister Care:

  1.       Moleskin or second skin

Topical Ointments:

  1.       Aloe Vera Gel (burns)

  2.       Arnica Cream (bruises)

  3.       Calendula Cream or other antibiotic cream 


  1.       Benadryl (allergic reactions)

  2.       Ibuprofen or Naproxen 

  3.       Dramamine (motion sickness)

Miscellaneous emergency:

  1.       Trauma shears

  2.       Thermometer

  3.       Small knife

  4.       Tweezers

  5.       Wag Bag (to carry out human waste)

  6.       Water purifying tablets or Iodine

  7.       Emergen-C drink packets or other electrolyte drink mix 

  8.       Duct tape

  9.       15 ‘ parachute cord

  10.       Small zip lock bags

  11.       Zip Ties

  12.       Small notepad and pen (in a zip-lock bag)

  13.       Small hand sanitizer

  14.       Face mask (recently added since COVID-19)

 Happy Adventuring…Stay Safe…Have Fun


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