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Sebasticook Regional Land Trust Presents: Nancy Zane’s Favorite Local Paddles

As I sit and look out the window at the current blizzard (some news outlets report anywhere from 18 -24 inches of snow are possible), it is hard to imagine that the first day of spring is next week. Will I soon be able to put away my skis, and hop into my boat for a brand new season of paddling adventures? The tranquil, and sometime not so tranquil, waters of Maine’s lakes, rivers, and bays await. Where will this years adventure’s bring me? It’s hard to predict. Sysladobsis, Seboeis, the Debsconeags,  and Nicatous are a few of the bigger lakes on my paddling list. There is also the St. John River, the Allagash, paddling off the coast of  Great Wass Island, Schoodic penninsula…you get the point, it’s endless. I could spend the rest of  my life paddling and never hit all the bodies of water and coastal inlets that Maine offers.

Join me on Wednesday March 21st, at 6:30pm (re-scheduled due to the current blizzard we are having) at 93 Main Coffee Shop in Unity, Maine for a presentation of some of my favorite local (local is relative in Maine) paddles.

I look forward to sharing my favorite paddles with you. But I also want to hear about your boating stories. I want to hear about your adventures and misadventures (yes, we all have those oops moments). I want to hear about your paddling passion, your favorite boats, funniest and scariest moments in a boat, most awe inspiring moments and most beautiful sunsets.

I look forward to an inspirational and fun evening with other paddling geeks,and the opportunity to meet like-minded passionate water people in my community.  Until the day the ice melts and the snow disappears, I will continue to don my skis, embrace the winter, and make plans for my summer paddling adventures. Hope to see you on Wednesday the 21st!


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